World Mission

The driving force of World Missions is the renewing realization that God loves every person in every people group of the world. Thus it is God's will that every person hear the gospel in a culturally appropriate way that they can understand and respond to in a life-changing way.

As Christians we were given a mission from Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20 to shrade this gospel "To the ends of the earth" and thereby multiply disciples obedient to Him.

How is this done? From Jesus example we see that this is done is not by speaking big words from afar, but instead by living beside and among people. From Paul's example that there is no guarantee that this task will be either easy or comfortable. But this work is the foundation of World Missions. and it is both difficult and extremely valuable. It requires the coordination of many people: the missionary who will live among the people and communicate the gospel, but also those standing behind the missionary to send pray, support and encourage.

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