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We believe in God the Father, who is eternal, self-existing, all powerful, all knowing, and his incarnation became totally man, and suffered and died for the sins of the human family; and in the Holy Spirit, who is equalin being with the Father and the Son. These three constitute the one Triune God, who created the heaven and the earth and all that is in them, visible and invisible, and who sustains, governs, protects and support the same.

We believe the the Holy Bible, the Old and New Testament, is the Word of God, and in its original manuscripts was without error. We believe that the fall of man in Adam, and the redemption of man though Christ, are plainly taught therein. We believe that Faith in Jesus Christ as savior is the only way we may become, and remain Christians and that forgiveness of sins, and obedience to Christ and his commandments are a result of the new life in Christ.

We believe in  a Holy Church, the communion of the Saints. the resurrection of the body, the second coming of Christ, and life everlasting. We believe that the ordinances, namely: baptism, washing the Saint’s feet, and the communion are commanded in scripture and should be practiced by all Christians believers.

We believe that the scriptures teach that Christians should not be conformed to this world, but that they are separate people, and that it teaches the doctrine of non-resistance in qualified sense: yet it is his duty to be strictly loyal to the government under which he lives, in all things that do not conflict with, or are not forbidden by the Word. 

Basic Doctrines

Our Mission